Jeton Veseli
Jeton Veseli
Founder and CEO



Established in 2009 in Kosovo, Front LLC specializes in delivering advanced and innovative solutions for both exterior and interior environments. The company's comprehensive services span project analysis, management, technical detailing, and the provision of suitable materials, accompanied by training on the optimal use of these materials. Notably, all materials traded by Front LLC are either energy-efficient or designed for long-lasting usage, aligning with the company's goal of raising awareness about the quality of construction materials and contributing positively to environmental and air quality.


Kosovo faces a significant reliance on coal for more than 90% of its electricity production, with widespread electricity use for heating purposes. Given the booming construction industry in the past decade and its pivotal role in shaping environmental and air quality, Front LLC is committed to leveraging its influence in other businesses.  The enterprise has undertaken greenhouse gas emission calculations, demonstrating its commitment to environmental responsibility. Furthermore, the company possesses expertise in upcycling waste into its products and has a track record of providing materials for eco-friendly houses.

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Building climate resilience: managing climate and supply chain challenges in Construction

Celia Martinez Juez
Technical Coordinator, LATAM and Africa. District Energy in Cities Initiative,
UN Environment Programme
Jeton Veseli
Founder and CEO,
Koray Goytan
Team Leader,
EBRD Green Economy Financing Facility
Eleni Polychroniadou
Kostas Dimopoulos
Associate, Climate Strategy and Delivery,
Wiam Samir
Co-founder & General Manager,
Maya Hennerkes
Director, Green Financial Systems,

In this session, seasoned experts and SMEs whom are actively pursuing their green business opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sector share their perspectives on the implications physical and transitional climate change risks will have on SMEs

Participants will learn about the business opportunities that lie within sustainability for suppliers and contractors across the construction supply chain, with SMEs learning about action points across hotspots in the industry. Moreover, SMEs themselves will share how implementing a sustainable business model has impacted their enterprise.