Kostas  Dimopoulos
Kostas Dimopoulos
Associate, Climate Strategy and Delivery


United Kingdom

Kostas is an Associate at Climate Strategy and Delivery team of EBRD He is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Energy auditor and BREEAM Associate, with more than 15 years of experience as Senior Design Engineer and Sustainability Consultant in the private and public sector. He is passionate about promoting sustainable design and energy efficiency in the built environment and currently supports EBRD's strategy in the decarbonisation of the sector.

Building climate resilience: managing climate and supply chain challenges in Construction

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Technical Coordinator, LATAM and Africa. District Energy in Cities Initiative,
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Founder and CEO,
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Kostas Dimopoulos
Associate, Climate Strategy and Delivery,
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In this session, seasoned experts and SMEs whom are actively pursuing their green business opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sector share their perspectives on the implications physical and transitional climate change risks will have on SMEs

Participants will learn about the business opportunities that lie within sustainability for suppliers and contractors across the construction supply chain, with SMEs learning about action points across hotspots in the industry. Moreover, SMEs themselves will share how implementing a sustainable business model has impacted their enterprise.